Anadune Discovering Gold OA AXJ


13 October 2012 — 6 June 2020

Sire: Int Ch Simaro Bruce Darnell
Dam: Avatar Bayshore Lady Of Rohan OA NAJ NF PT CGC
Colour: Golden Red & White
Health: Genetically normal for CEA, TNS, and CL. BAER hearing tested normal.

Maize was co-owned with (and lived with) my friend Sue Klar, who already had Trio (Anadune All For One) and Maize's half brother, Scheme (Anadune Colour Scheme). She went through the long trip to the US unharmed, tail waggy and squeaky at the other end, overjoyed to see people who were surely finally going to play with her!

This little girl had so much potential: she was incredibly outgoing, but very biddable and just fearless. She zoomed through a tunnel like a pro at 6 weeks, charged across a field to go and eye up some sheep at 10 weeks, yet absolutely loved to climb in your lap for a cuddle.

A video of her learning her agility foundations (two weeks after she landed in the US) is available here.

Maize eventually found her calling in being an emotional support dog: she seemed to completely understand her role, taking care of her human when needed. She is sorely missed.