Anadune Dare To Dream AW(B)


Sire: Int Ch Simaro Bruce Darnell
Dam: Avatar Bayshore Lady Of Rohan OA NAJ NF PT CGC
DoB: 13 October 2012
Colour: Golden Red & White
Hips: BVA 4/4
Health: Genetically normal for CEA, TNS, CL, degenerative myelopathy, malignant hyperthermia and MDR1, DNA tested normal for cobalamin malabsorption (IGS) and BCG. BAER hearing tested normal. Goniodysgenesis passed.

Dream is co-owned with my friends Marrion and Michael, who also have Sparkle (Anadune Dynamite) from this litter. He was the boy that everyone picked out at the beginning as being the most structurally balanced and eye catching, so despite the fact that neither of us 'needed' a boy, he just had to stay.

He has been training with sheep and is working very well — he keeps his distance off them and will balance when asked to. A video of his first time out of the round pen (aged 11 months, with him having had 4 or 5 ten minute sessions in the round pen prior to this) is available here. He is very calm and steady, quite happy to move sheep a few miles if needed and they don't even know it's happened.

Dream is not a pushy boy — he loves his food, his tuggy toys and baby retrieves, so has been a delight to train so far (he is really enjoying his heelwork and is very stylish), but he'll let his sisters play if they're that way inclined and will take over when they've tired themselves out.

He does have plenty of drive when you want it to come out: his agility training is coming on really well. He's very biddable, and very speedy when you want him to be. A video of one of his agility training sessions at 15 months is available here. He has now started competing and is doing very well, one of his runs from August 2014 can be seen here. He has been in grade 5 since 2016, though he has been mainly concentrating on his herding since then: he is a very good dog for starting out youngsters with, or for letting novice handlers 'have a go', but he also knows what to do when its his turn to do proper work.

He did very well while being shown in conformation as a youngster, unfortunately he has knocked out a front tooth which has put a stop to his showing career. Not that he minds, much more time for sheepies ☺

You could have ten Dreams and not know about them. He is such an easy dog to live with, fits in with anything, learns very quickly and his priority seems to be to cause everyone as little hassle as possible! If you free up a lap, he'll still come and perch though :)