Avatar Bayshore Lady Of Rohan OA NAJ NF PT CGC


24 August 2008 — 20 March 2021

Sire: Am Grand Ch Avatar's Boomer Of Bayshore RA
Dam: Am Ch Avatar's Moonbeam Of Bayshore
Colour: Black & White
Hips: OFA Good
Health: Genetically normal for CEA, DNA tested normal for CL, TNS, degenerative myelopathy, malignant hyperthermia, cobalamin malabsorption (IGS) and BCG. Eye tested, and goniodysgenesis passed. BAER hearing tested normal. Normal by parentage for MDR1.

Eowyn joined us during our stay in the States, she was the loveliest girl you could imagine, not a mean bone in her body. I will forever be grateful to Marty for giving her a great start in life, and thank you to Marty and Frank for letting me and Sue Large (Wizaland Border Collies) have her.

She came in, having just done two long trips across the States, and within minutes she was strolling around with all my dogs as if she'd always been here. Named Eowyn, the Shieldmaiden of Rohan in Lord of the Rings, she was outgoing, though not silly — she was very, very keen to please and would do anything for us. She did very well in conformation: in 2009, she won her Sweeps class, as well as winning 12-18 Months Bitch at the BCSA National.

Her agility career was unfortunately cut short by her injuring her hind leg: she only attended very few shows in the US prior to her injury, but she Q'd in almost every run with very nice runs, and it took over a year for us to dare put her back in agility again (her first run at a UK show was a 6th in Grade 3, out of 120 dogs). One of her runs at training can be seen here. She absolutely loved being trained, loved the interaction and was genuinely happy when she did it right. She was entered in an agility show about once every two years, and in 2014, she won grade 3 agility, making her grade 4. She spent 2016-2018 just having fun in any size as she much prefered herding.

Eo's greatest talent was in herding: as a young puppy, she was ready to go! She had a lot of instinct and style, and while she was naturally quite pushy, she was not interested in getting herself a free leg of lamb... She got her PT in June 2010, and it was all thanks to our instructor, Linda. A video of Eowyn herding at 3 years old can be seen here. She even got herself a 'proper job' helping out on my friend's farm: she worked up to about 80 ewes (sometimes with lambs) on a large hillside and would turn a paw to anything that needed doing — moving, penning, loading...

Everyone who met Eo, loved her — she persuaded a number of people that they really want a Border Collie for their next dog. She really was the kindest dog, who just wanted to make everyone happy — she was so in tune with me, cheering me up when I felt sad, working out what exactly I wanted each time I said anything... My little StickE Pie, I can't believe you'll never put your head on my knee when I'm feeling down, I'll never get to pet those soft ears or see your sticky out tongue in the morning when you forgot to put it back in your mouth when you woke up. I hoped we'd have another few years together, but at least now the pain's all just mine. I miss you so much.