Litter out of Am Ch Anadune Chosen One (Buffy) by Sh Ch Caleykiz Mystical Dragon JW (Slider) born 3 November 2014


Some sibling meet-up photos!

And Ollie (Anadune Extraordinary) 7 weeks into his agility basics training ☺ He'd not done any agility at all 7 weeks earlier!

Twelve weeks and six days

First time out for Smudge (Anadune Earth And Fire) — he definitely enjoyed making friends!

Twelve weeks and four days

Lexi, Anadune Elixir of Life, enjoys her last play session with her mum before moving to her new home — well, until she comes back for her holidays ☺

Twelve weeks and three days

Twelve weeks and two days

Twelve weeks

She's growing legs!

Eleven weeks and six days

Eleven weeks and five days

Eleven weeks and two days

Eleven weeks and one day

Growing legs ☺

Ten weeks and five days

More investigating of agility equipment and some photos of Loki (boy 2) and Ollie (boy 4).

Ten weeks and fours days

Ten weeks and three days

Buffy's little girl getting very bold with some of the equipment (no equipment climbing was encouraged and she was peeled off straight away!), and a photo of a settled Loki (boy 2) in his new home ☺

Ten weeks and two days

Ten weeks and one day

A couple of photos of Loki, Anadune Eternal Flame, enjoying his new life ☺

Ten weeks!

Buffy's daughter, Anadune Elixir of Life, says hello to all her brothers! And a photo of Rafferty looking all settled in in his new home.

Nine weeks and six days

More puppies leaving today: Rafferty (boy 3), Anadune Enter The Dragon, our co-own boy. who'll be living in Wales, and Loki (boy 2), Anadune Eternal Flame, who won't be living too far away from us ☺ And Smudge (boy 1) in his new home ☺

Nine weeks and five days

All the boys dispersing this weekend: today's Smudge's (boy 1), Anadune Earth And Fire, turn.

Nine weeks and three days

Ollie (boy 4, Anadune Extraordinary) looking very happy in his new home ☺

Nine weeks and two days

Nine weeks and one day

The first puppy to leave, boy 4, now known as Ollie (Anadune Extraordinary). Some photos of him below getting ready to leave — he was not impressed with the bath bit, but at least got to go in the 'big boy bed' for drying time ☺

Nine weeks

Eight weeks and five days

Eight weeks and five days

Eight weeks and four days

Eight weeks and three days

Eight weeks and one day

Video day! A video of boy 2 playing with his toy while wobble boarding can be seen here, and a video of the bunch doing some toy stretching exercises is here.

Eight weeks

Seven weeks and six days

Seven weeks and five days

Seven weeks and four days

Seven weeks and three days

Seven weeks and one day

Seven weeks

Six weeks and six days

Six weeks and five days

Six weeks and four days

Six weeks and three days

Six weeks and two days

Six weeks and one day

Pups all got to have a go at looking at some sheepies on the farm today — they have been going for little car rides for the last week, so were quite happy in their little crate in the car ☺ Unfortunately, it started raining pretty much as soon as Dream and Eowyn got the sheep in the barn, so there aren't many photos!

Six weeks

Five weeks and six days

Five weeks and five days

Five weeks and four days

Five weeks and three days

Five weeks and two days

Five weeks and one day

Five weeks

Four weeks and six days

A very tired out boy 1 desperate to carry on playing after getting tired out by some kiddie visitors earlier can be seen here.

Four weeks and five days

Four weeks and four days

Four weeks and three days

Four weeks and two days

Four weeks and one day

Four weeks

Three weeks and six days

Three weeks and five days

Three weeks and four days

Three weeks and three days

Three weeks and two days

Three weeks and one day

Three weeks

Two weeks and six days

Two weeks and five days

Two weeks and four days

Two weeks and three days

Two weeks and two days

We've moved downstairs!

Two weeks and one day

Two weeks

One week and six days

One week and five days

One week and four days

One week and three days

One week and two days

One week and one day

One week

Six days

Five days

Four days

Three days

Two days

One day


Buffy's 5 puppies (plus one stillborn baby) were born between 8am and midday. Photos below in order of appearance. Thanks to Denise for her help and Alison for her support throughout the whelping.

Information about the litter

Parents (litter pedigree)

Buffy has given birth to 5 puppies by Sh Ch Caleykiz Mystical Dragon JW (Slider), 4 boys and 1 girl. Buffy's main job, after she did a bit of breed showing (she got her american championship at 9 months and 2 days and won very well in the classes in the UK), is helping out on the farm — while she'd naturally prefer the easier sheep, she'll move even the most difficult lot when told to (a video of her working at 20 months can be seen here). Buffy often works together with her mum, Eowyn, at which point Buffy pushes on the flock while Eo covers the hillside. Buffy is also agility trained and has done bits and pieces of obedience, so she can demo her skills to anyone interested — she's very toy motivated and keen to please.

Buffy is quite a lively dog, she'll do the most running of all my dogs when out on a walk, but she does settle nicely at home and usually puts herself well out of everyone's way, so she can see things, but isn't a nuisance. She's very fast and biddable, she has been very easy to train. As for Slider, he has a very nice temperament, doesn't appear to have a mean bone in his body, is very keen to please his owners and of course has numerous conformation achievements that confirm his gorgeous structure. We are expecting these pups to be fairly high drive, but very biddable, and would therefore prefer homes where the pups will get to do something, be it agility, obedience, herding, flyball ... Puppies are CEA, CL and TNS normal by parentage. More details of both parents can be seen on their pages.

If you are interested in this litter, please email us describing your lifestye and the plans for your Anadune puppy. We are always looking for co-own homes, so we can keep dogs in our breeding plans while letting them have a family of their own, so please get in touch if you may be interested and we can fill in the details. Puppy visiting to take place in Sheffield ☺

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