Herding training

We have a small flock of very nice to work Hebrideans: they are relatively small and move well for dogs, so are good for starting young dogs off on. We have used both a round pen setup for starting young dogs and having an older dog (Dream's favourite job!) help by showing the youngster what to do. We have different sized fields which can all be used to develop new skills.

We do a limited number of herding training sessions at our field in Derbyshire (close to Sheffield), and may have space for a new dog to start coming to us for training, starting up to novice level. We are planning a taster session later on in August 2021 (a group session which allows for multiple goes for each dog and enables people to learn from each other) — please let us know if you would like to be informed about our next taster session by sending us an email.

You may also be interested in our herding experience option.

Agility training

We offer one-to-one agility training at our field in Derbyshire (near Sheffield). My own dogs have achieved high levels in both UK (grade 7) and the US (excellent) and I have experience running at the top level with all heights. I enjoy motivating dogs (very much toy or food rewards only!), designing courses and coming up with a plan to improve any weaknesses. We offer training for young dogs such as introduction to equipment, running through wings (poles on ground) along with toy focus training, tunnels and the necessary obedience needed for future agility success. Once older, poles can start going up and we have both channel and upright weaves to ensure quick learning of this skill. For competing dogs, we can video runs and time different handling approaches to shave off fractions of a second 😊 Please get in touch by email if you are interested.

One-to-one training

You may be finding your dog is struggling with some exercises that aren't getting fixed in a class environment or would benefit from one-to-one attention. For example recalls or working on preventing your dog get over-excited at the sight of other dogs can be difficult to train in a class setup. We can make use of our enclosed field near Sheffield (and our trained dogs if needed) to come up with a plan for you and your dog. Alternatively, you may be finding that there's a specific exercise that is not being addressed with your regular training techinques and a fresh pair of eyes may help (although time does not currently allow, Judita has previously also competed in obedience and has regularly attended training days at Deben Valley Training Club which has shown her numerous approaches to many problems!). Please email us to discuss.