IT Consultancy

Judita Preiss has a PhD in Computer Science and has extensive software experience with substantial programs written in Python, Scala (Spark), C / C++, Perl, PHP/MySQL, Java, with XML manipulation with XSLT. She has created a number of web pages with HTML, JavaScript using CSS, and has employed a number of other languages on a per project basis, such as Prolog, Lisp, ML and Pascal. She is familiar with Unix/Linux and Unix/Solaris, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Judita has specialized in data analytics and extracting information from natural text (natural language processing) for almost 20 years, and has worked on a number of commercial projects during this time. She also has substantial Human Computer Interaction experience, with large sample projects including the Anadune Border Collie Database, or a graphical user interface for the Flybase project (which allows curators to efficiently collect data from published works).


For each project we will negotiate a price before work commences (as well as a well defined specification and a timeline).

Please contact Judita by sending an email to