Litter out of Wildblue Soulsearch At Anadune AW(B) (Fëa) by Anadune High Hopes (Bear) born 16 October 2018

Limit, who has stayed with us, now has her own page.

Eight weeks and five days

Another one leaving — Riba has gone to his new home.

Eight weeks and four days

Eight weeks and three days

Two more puppies leaving us today — the house feels a lot emptier!

Eight weeks and two days

Eight weeks and one day

Eight weeks

Puppies have started going to their new homes: they always have a pre-leaving bath and Fëa helped dry them off ☺

Seven weeks and six days

Seven weeks and five days

Seven weeks and four days

Seven weeks and three days

Seven weeks and two days

Seven weeks and one day

Six weeks and six days

Six weeks and five days

A very busy weekend: we went to see sheep! The weather waasn't ideal for photos, but we all had a good look at them.

Six weeks and four days

We had our hearing tests today: all passed! To celebrate, we also got our individiaul photos taken ☺

Six weeks and three days

Six weeks and two days

Six weeks and one day

Five weeks and six days

Five weeks and five days

Out in the garden properly for the first time — we need some better weather!

Five weeks and four days

Five weeks and three days

Five weeks and two days

Five weeks and one day

Five weeks

Four weeks and six days

Four weeks and five days

Four weeks and four days

Four weeks and three days

Four weeks and two days

Four weeks and one day

Four weeks

Three weeks and six days

Three weeks and five days

Three weeks and four days

Three weeks and three days

Three weeks and two days

Three weeks and one day

Three weeks

Two weeks and six days

First proper meal!

Two weeks and four days

Two weeks and two days

Worn out from their last day of worming!

Two weeks and one day

The pups have now started playing — there's a lot of mouth wrestling and they're starting to interact with toys.

Two weeks

One week and six days

One week and five days

Two of the puppies now have fully open eyes! And they're all wobbling about on all four legs (emphasis on 'wobbling').

One week and four days

Trying to get some group photos before the pups get too old to all keep still at the same time!

One week and three days

One week and two days

One week and one day

One week

Babies have turned one week old ☺ All gaining weight nicely and are starting to lift up a bit on their legs — they'll be walking in no time!

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1


Fëa's 9 puppies were again born during the day, between 6:02am and 12:28pm. Photos below in order of appearance. Thanks to Dad for providing his (recently acquired) midwifing skills!

Information about the litter

Parents (litter pedigree)

Fëa has given birth to 9 puppies (6 boys and 3 girls) by Bear, Anadune High Hopes — we were planning a Bear litter in a few years' time, however, nature doesn't always cooperate and we weren't able to use our originally chosen stud dog so Becca very kindly allowed us to switch to Bear at the very last minute for this litter. Fëa is a very versatile dog: she is grade 7 in agility and has had a fourth in a champ final, she's won a class at Crufts in conformation and does a little bit of herding too. Bear is from Buffy's litter by Flash, a lovely boy whose agility career is looking very promising (he's also a very nice shape, so may grace the show rings at some point, and we're hoping to try him on sheep in 2019 as he was very interested as a baby!) and he does obedience as well. A video of Bear agility training can be seen here and one of Fëa from the world's muddiest training session in the garden in 2014 is available here.

Both dogs are very nice to live with — having plenty of drive within their discipines, but an off switch at home which means they can settle when needed. We expect their puppies to have a reasonable amount of drive combined with their parents' biddability and would prefer homes where the pups will get to do something, be it agility, obedience, herding, flyball ... The puppies will be normal for CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1 and cobalamin malabsorption (IGS) and unaffected by predisposition to glaucoma (BCG). Both parents have low hip scores, both being 5/4 (clearly, they're a perfect match!). More details about Fëa are available on her page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Bear or Fëa, we'd love to tell you more about them — although Bear doesn't live with us, his mum (Buffy) and grandmum (Eowyn) do and love to meet new people when you visit the puppies.

Anadune High Hopes to Wildblue Soulsearch At Anadune AW(S) (Imp)
Bear stand Fea stand
Bear moving Fea moving