In 2017, Eo finally got her lifelong wish: her own sheep ☺ She had been helping out on a local farm for a number of years, but her own sheep, that's a dream come true.

We have a small flock of Hebrideans which are very nice sheep to work: they are relatively small and move well for dogs, so are good for starting young dogs off on. We have used both a round pen setup for starting young dogs and having an older dog (Dream's favourite job!) help by showing the youngster what to do.

We do a limited number of herding training sessions at our field in Derbyshire (close to Sheffield), mainly with dogs of our own breeding although we are taking on some new dogs in 2019. We are also planning a taster session after lambing has finished.

If you would like to be kept informed about our next taster session, please get in touch.