Breeding services

Ultrasound scan
Although we breed rarely, we are very aware of the difficulties encountered when trying to get a bitch scanned and puppies microchipped. Judita has been a microchip implanter since 2008 and has chipped puppies from 6 weeks old to fully grown adult dogs (and cats!). She has taken a sonography course and has been using a small portable scanner to scan bitches in pup since 2014.

Therefore, to make pregnancy easier on your bitch, we offer the option of Judita coming to your home to scan your bitch or microchip your puppies there. In both cases, a trip to the vets could expose your bitch or puppies to diseases that can be avoided by having the services performed at your home. It is also possible for Judita to come out to your house when you are uncertain if your bitch has finished whelping and do not want to rush your bitch to the vets unnecessarily. Note that these services are only offered within a few miles of west Sheffield. Please contact us by email to arrange.

Animal behaviour advice

Judita offers animal behaviour advice for more serious problems. Such problems may include excessive barking, over-enthusiasm when meeting people, house training difficulties, or even mild dog to dog aggression. Judita's dogs can be brought into these one-to-one classes as distractions, or as non-threatening friendly dogs to improve your control over your dog when meeting other dogs. Please note that for some behavioural problems, a behaviourist may recommend a health check by your vet.

An initial behaviour session starts at your home, where Judita observes your dog in his/her usual surroundings. We can then discuss your dog's problem as well as giving Judita the opportunity to observe your dog's behaviour. The remainder of the session is spent with determining the best approach for you to solve the problems discussed. After the session, all methods suggested will be explained in detail and sent to you either by email or letter.

Dog training

Crossing the road
Judita also offers one-to-one dog training for obedience, agility or simply solving control problems. You may feel that instructors are not targeting your particular difficulties in class, or that you would like more competition focus than your present classes are offering. This option is also ideal for first time owners of puppies to find out how to encourage your puppy to grow up into a well mannered adult dog.

Any level of obedience or agility can be addressed and again Judita's dogs can be brought in to simulate (controllable) distractions, to improve control over your dog. The emphasis in training with Judita is on keeping your dog motivated, making sure they enjoy the exercises they are doing for you.

The training Judita advises is all reward based as she believes it to be extremely important that everyone has fun in training. Obviously, dogs do get things wrong sometimes, but there is usually no need to get cross with them — the photo on the left shows Judita crossing the road with her dogs. Although they always sit at the roadside, when there was a person on the other side of the road with a camera, they were just not going to perform. There was nothing left to do but laugh!


Judita Preiss is a qualified dog trainer (ADTB) — while in Britain, she trained dogs at Godmanchester DTC, and at the Cambridge Canine Education Group, in Columbus, Ohio, she has instructed at the Columbus All-Breed Training Club and at the Buckeye Region Agility Group, as well as running seminars. She has attended a number of dog training courses, including an Animal Behaviour course run by the Blue Cross while working at the Cambridge shelter. She competes with her own dogs in obedience (Aragorn was working A and B obedience before we allowed agility to take over), agility (Fëa has reached agility show championship finals), conformation (Gala and Buffy have their AKC Championship and Gala has a JW in the UK), and herding (Gala and Eowyn both have their PTs).


Please contact Judita by sending an email to if you are interested in some private training in South Yorkshire.